George Johnson has a sound that's hard to define, but easy to listen to.

Born and raised in West Virginia, one of the most rural states in the nation, Johnson can certainly sing the songs of the hardworking coal miner or the wistful, cheated dreamer. The blues are familiar to those from the beautiful yet rugged hills of Appalachia.

But Johnson is much more that.

For the past several years, Nashville is where Johnson has been honing his craft, both as a singer and songwriter. His sound is best seen as a combination of all that he grew up with: country, rock, and a lot of soul, with the blues stirred into all of them.

At an early age, George began playing piano, even took a few lessons until he kept annoying the teacher by wanting to write his own tunes. The piano teacher told his mother not to bring him back! Having picked up the guitar at age 7, Johnson always wanted to take his musical abilities and later songwriting to their limits, stretching to find new sounds, interesting melodies, and meaningful lyrics.

In his debut album entitled, "George Johnson featuring The Jordanaires & The Memphis Horns," Johnson has produced an incredible range of songs that run the gamut from soulful, up tempo pop numbers - akin to old school rock - to slow groovin’ blues numbers. He then slips in a few straight up country songs one might find in a high-toned Nashville honky tonk.

This eclectic self-titled album is a collection of 15 songs, all of which he co-wrote or wrote himself. His upcoming sophomore album is titled, "Still Pissed At Yoko".

For more information go to: www.georgejohnson.com. "George Johnson featuring The Jordanaires & The Memphis Horns" can be found on ITunes, Google Play, Android, CD Baby, Facebook Music and Amazon.

Also see www.santaswearinblue.com and www.stillpissedatyoko.com.

For additional information contact:
e. george@georgejohnson.com
p. 615-242-9999


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